September Reservations

Updated: Jan 9

Dear Students/Parents,

September is here TODAY! It has felt like forever since being in the water teaching swimming, and the body and mind are keen to get back in the water.

The elbow operation went smoothly and feels like the bone was never broken. For those who don't know, last year, I had finished my Sunday lessons at Wodny Park and upon walking to reception I slipped and fell onto the floor. The left elbow bone had broken. Surgery was required and pins, wire and titanium screw were put into the bone to bring them together. Just last month, the pins and wire were removed but the titanium screw remained in.

Time to get back to the floating world and living in the moment.

Reserving lessons for September.

Many parents have uncertainty towards days and times for the new year, due to the unknown after school activities. It is important that parents/students get in contact with Anthony to express their desire of continuing lessons on their set day and time or to inform Anthony their set day and time is no longer required, allowing other parents/students to fill that time slot.

Private lessons will continue the same way as before the summer break, the small change will be that lessons at Wodny Park will be in a reserved space. The fee for private lessons at this time will remain the same as before the summer break, that is regardless if there is one student or two students in a time slot the fee remains the same ie 30min private lessons - 100 zloty*

Introducing group lessons at Wodny Park into the swim programme has been a goal for many years and is now finally available for each time slot. It is expressed as each time slot to maintain flexibility in the swim programme as many parents/students love this flexibility and it is unique in this day and age of swimming lessons. The group lesson fee will be based on the number of students within a chosen time slot ie 30min - 3 students to 1 instructor - 120 zloty* and is paid in full.

There is now a swim community webpage attached to members platform. Parents and students will be able to interact with other members of the swim community and possibly create their own group lesson if they do not have the contacts to do that and or express a desire to join a group lesson.

Private or Group Swimming Lessons

Other changes to the programme will include a trial rescheduling of any time slot within the current month 48 hours before the start of the time slot, subject to availability. A group time slot will be allowed to reschedule too, however, this applies to every student within the group. Individual students are unable to reschedule, as they are apart of that group time slot.

Cancellations - will also be available up to 48 hours before a time slot starts. Parents/students who have a permanent day and time slot guaranteed each month regardless of the number of time slots they reserve, continues to be non refundable as agreed between Anthony and the permanent parent/student, it is appreciated if the permanent parent/student is unable to attend a time slot that they inform Anthony in-advance and or cancel the time slot online.

Parents/students who reserve a lesson via the book online system will be allowed to cancel their lesson 48 hours before the start of their lesson without charge.

Thank you to parents/students who have already been in contact!

Looking forward to teaching/coaching all swimmers of all ages and abilities!

*The entry/exit fee to Wodny Park remains the responsibility of the parent/student. The above fee will be reviewed at the end of September due to the cost of reserving lane space with Wodny Park.

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