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Entrance Procedure

The majority of pools will ask you to change your shoes to flip flops before entering past reception. Any entry and or exit fees are the responsibility of the student/parent.

How to make a payment for secure my time-slot and or lessons?

The easist way is through the webpage. Alternative UKIYO Swim School accepts the following; Bank Transfer, Cash, Credit card, BLIK, Revolut and Paypal as methods of payment.

Bank details - from Polish zloty Bank account
Name - Anthony Schulz Learn to Swim the Aussie Way Account - 83 1050 1054 1000 0097 2949 7119

How many students are there in each class?

Private lessons have a maximum of two students. Group lessons for Beginners - three to four students per lesson Group lessons for Intermediate - four of six students per lesson Group lessons for advance - eight of twelve students per lesson

How warm is the water for my baby?

The water temperature at Wodny Park varies between 30 degrees to 31.5 degrees The water temperature at Pr1me varies between 29 degrees to 31 degrees

What age can you start your baby in swim lessons?

Ukiyo recommends babies to start after immunisation injections have been given. We recommend 3 month to 3 years of age.

It is my first lesson at Wodny Park, what should I do?

Before leaving home, ensure you have all that is needed to go swimming. Towels, swimmers, goggles, swim cap (not compulsary) baby water nappies (If baby class), flip flops to wear, NO SHOES past reception. Wodny Park provides lockers for shoes and other items. zl2 is required and will be returned once the locker is re opened. Students are required to pay for their entry to the pool at reception. Parents are allowed to enter the changing rooms without paying to help change their child, although are not allowed to stay on pool side during the lesson. It is a simple drop off and pick up policy. Parent Baby class - Parents simply pay for their entry at reception.

It is my first lesson at Pr1me, what should i do?

Ukiyo Swim School conducts swimming lessons at Pr1me under the Radisson Collection Hotel on ul.Grzybowka 24. Please ensure you come to this address. Please ensure you swim bag is packed with swimmers, goggles, a swim cap (although not compulsary).

Pr1me is located on -1 level. At reception you will be required to pay the student fee of zl30. The student fee is unlimited in time, the gym will provide complimentary towels for your use. The student fee is for the pool and spa area only. Upon leaving, if you parked underground, ask the receptionist to stamp your parking ticket that you used the gym.

How to reserve / join a Semi / Group lesson

1. Send an email/whatsapp message to Ukiyo requesting you would like to join or create a group lesson. 2. If creating a group, attach the number of students to attend, parents names & email address. If a time is available in private swimming lessons, reserve it now and email ukiyo to request it to be changed into a group. 3. Further details will be sent via email to all participants towards fees and policy. PLEASE NOTE: Students must be of similar age and ability to be a productive lessons as some groups might be conducted in the Olympic pool. Send your enquiry to or +48 512 517 013

Prime Fitness & Wellness Entrance

Pr1me entry is 30zl per student. Normal entrance to the club for non-members of the gym is 80PLN. Students/parents not involved in a UKIYO swim lesson and would like to use the pool and spa area can pay 60PLN per visit or they can take package of 4 entrance costs 200PLN.

Secure my time-slot? What is this?

Do you want to be guaranteed a specific day/time-slot each month regardless of the number of dates you secure? By purchasing a Secure my time-slot, you will have first choice of dates each month. The fee runs consecutively until cancelled. You can cancel at any time and once Ukiyo receives your cancellation it is agreed that another student/parent can secure the time slot.

How can I reserve my time-slot?

To reserve your time-slot, simply click Reserve time-slot on the webpage and you will be taken to the online booking platform. Select the type of lesson you would like to reserve. Payment is accepted after your time slot has been approved by UKIYO SWIM SCHOOL.

How to make full payment on Vcita?

On the main page press "Make a payment". Type in the amount you would like to pay and complete your details.

Private lesson Fees

Private lessons are charged on a sliding scale. This means the more lessons you reserve in the month the cheaper your total fee for the month will become. Regardless if you have a secured time-slot or reserve on a weekly basis, private lesson fee rates are always reduced based on the number of lessons reserved. Before paying for your private lesson, we recommend waiting for your time-slot to be approved and your total fee will be adjusted to the correct amount.


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