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  • How can I reserve a swimming lesson?
    Private lessons are secured by the online reservation platform @ The online schedule is available on a month to month basis, that is why only the current month displays available time-slots. Generally the following month will be available online from the 28th day of the current month. To secure a Semi Private lesson with a friend, the fastest option is to simply book a private lesson and inform us that you would like a friend to swim as well. We will then manually adjust the time slot to suit your needs. Groups are mainly created by our parents/students as the majority of our students are kids. If you would like to create a group, please click the link above and any time-slots displayed can be changed into a group lesson.
  • Private Lessons & Semi Private Lesson!
    A private lesson means one student only. Ukiyo Swim School offers students semi private lessons that entails a maximum of two students. Semi private lessons are great for students who want a friend to swim with them. Siblings can swim together too, if parents prefer private lessons for their children. Private and Semi Private lesson rates, reflect our knowledge in swimming. Therefor, Ukiyo Swim School recommends group lessons if your budget can not afford our private & semi private rates.
  • It is my first lesson at Wodny Park, what should I do?"
    Before leaving home, ensure you have all that is needed to go swimming. Towels, swimmers, goggles, swim cap (not compulsary) baby water nappies (If baby class), flip flops to wear, NO SHOES past reception. Wodny Park provides lockers for shoes and other items. zl2 is required and will be returned once the locker is re-opened. Students are required to pay for their entry/exit to the pool at reception. Parents are allowed to enter the changing rooms without paying to help change their child, although are not allowed to stay on pool side during the lesson. It is a simple drop off and pick up policy. Parent Baby class - Parents simply pay for their entry at reception.
  • Entrance Procedure
    The majority of pools will ask you to change your shoes to flip flops before entering past reception. Any entry and or exit fees are the responsibility of the student/parent. Covid 19 Trojdena Basen is currently the only pool that requires guests to have their temperature checked before entering through reception. They will also ask you to write down your phone number in case they have an outbreak and need to inform you of this.
  • Secure my private time-slot! What is this and why do I pay extra?
    This plan was created for students who want private lessons on a weekly basis through the month. Ukiyo Swim School will ensure you that a specific day and time-slot is always available for you. We allow you to have first choice of dates and only charge you for those dates. If you intend to have a break from swimming, but plan to return you will need to keep paying this plan. By cancelling the plan, you are expressing to us that you no longer wish to have your time-slot and allow us to offer it to other students.
  • Payment for your lessons
    We ask for payment to be made before your lesson/s. This can be completed through your online portal. Sometimes your portal may not accept online payment, if this happens please get in touch and or you are welcome to make a bank transfer to; Account Name: Anthony Schulz Learn to Swim the Aussie Way Account #: 83 1050 1054 1000 0097 2949 7116 If you have revolut and or Blik: +48 512 517 013 Thank you!
  • How to join a group lesson?
    We offer first time students a chance to see if we are a good fit for our potential future students. Your first group lesson will be on us. If you are unsure which group to join, we are happy to assist you. We will need the age of the student and their swimming history, just these two bits of information can help us help you to join an appropriate group. On the day we may advise you to join a more suitable group that will encourage faster more fun learning. We want all our students to feel they belong in the group! You have decided to continue after the first trial lesson. We will add you to the remaining dates within the current calendar and ask you to pay the fee that is displayed on your portal. You will be automatically added to all future group dates and are required to pay for all available dates that we are available for. If for some reason you unable to attend a lesson, we will miss you but the lesson will be voided. We appreciate your respect and understanding towards this policy.
  • How to make a payment for secure my time-slot and or lessons?
    The easist way is through the webpage. Alternative UKIYO Swim School accepts the following; Bank Transfer, Cash, Credit card, BLIK, Revolut and Paypal as methods of payment. Bank details - from Polish zloty Bank account Name - Anthony Schulz Learn to Swim the Aussie Way Account - 83 1050 1054 1000 0097 2949 7119
  • How many students are there in each class?
    Private lessons have a maximum of two students. Group lessons for Non Swimmers - three to four students per lesson. Group lessons for Beginners - three to five students per lesson Group lessons for Intermediate - four of nine students per lesson Group lessons for advance - eight of twelve students per lesson
  • What age can you start your baby in swim lessons?
    Ukiyo recommends babies to start after immunisation injections have been given. We recommend 3 month to 3 years of age.
  • How warm is the water for my baby?
    The water temperature at Wodny Park varies between 30 degrees to 31.5 degrees The water temperature at Pr1me varies between 29 degrees to 31 degrees

Swimming Lessons


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