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Anthony Schulz, the founder of Ukiyo started in Sydney Australia where he grew up. From his parents' home in Australia, as a kid, the journey of the floating world began in the backyard pool. Swimming in Australia is renowned to be the national identity! In high school, he had taken up full-time sport as a rower.


Rowing training, like swimming training, is a 7 day per week dedication, mornings and afternoons, he rests when he eats and sleep. During the Australian Autumn of 1994 as a young 19-year-old and up and coming lightweight rower, he attended his first National Rowing Championship event

The event was the men's under 23 lightweight coxless four, the crew he was in won GOLD in the final. That inspired him to keep training for the next 6 to 8 years, although he did not achieve the dream goal of racing for Australia at an international event the dedication and support from family, coaches and teammates taught him without them in his life he would not have achieved what he had. He hopes to support all students in that same way!




Having 10 tracks provided, anyone can train, improve their physical condition, test their skills and systematically evaluate the results of training. As one of only several in Poland, the Aquapark Olympic pool meets international standards, thanks to which the conditions here are comparable to those at international Olympic pools.  The first-class technical fittings include an electronic Omega timekeeper, an area for judges, commentators and trainers and appropriate lighting and sound systems in the swimming pool hall allowing for sporting competitions and television broadcasting to be performed.


The water is maintained at a constant temperature. 600 people may watch sporting competitions in the auditorium at one time. The swimming pool continues to receive accolades. Both swimming professionals and swimming experts emphasize the facility's advantages. They say that it is "quick", allowing exceptional sporting achievements to be realized. No doubt thanks to this 7 Polish records and a record in the 24-hour marathon have been broken here. Since its inception, Aquapark has supported both the Polish Olympic and national teams.

The complex also has a recreational pool area with spas', water fountain, slides. The temperature of the water is 30 to 31 degrees.



Please note

Dominika Merliniego 4, 02-511 Warszawa

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 6:00 - 22:00

Sat-Sun: 6:30 - 22:00

Free above-ground parking for customers

Wodny Park entry / exit fee is not included in the lesson fee and is the responsibility of the student / parent upon entering the pool.

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